Superior Fundamental Analysis, Real Time Market News & Analytics for Forex Market Industry.

Headline News From Finance Market Industry & Geopolitical

Be the first  to get high quality and headline news in  financial market industry.   Financial Market  is about to move  within a minute after news release. It is a chance for professional trader to take advantage. All the news of Macro Economy, Monetary Policy, Fiscal Policy, Geopolitical is in your hand.

  • Headline news from various category in financial market with comprehensive analysis and review.
  • Global newswires and global 3rd party news sources.
  • Research & access history of economic data from major & minor currency.

Video News From Finance Market Industry & Geopolitical

High quality video stream on financial industry and complete with synopsis is the most efficient way to safe your time in analysis and review from respective and qualified top contributor in financial market industry  

  • Source video from CNBC, Global Newswires, Reuters and 3rd Party sources.
  • Filtering the news using search and find bar on any news related with your preference.
  • Tagged by topic, importance and industry.

Real time Economic data Release & Analysis

The most powerful to analyze economic data release that widely used by professional and hedge fund manger. Complete with trend analysis of economic data, polling of economic data projection, etc

  • Fastest  & Real time data release on the Planet related with economic figures.  Guarantee!
  • Build strategy with the number outcome using variance calculation for your fundamental trading live.
  • Research & access history of economic data from major & minor currency
  • Get update about Schedule of central bank press release, press conference, monetary statement, minutes of meeting and economic data release
  • Projection of the the number outcome in a pooling from various  well known contributor.

News Monitor Events

Real time, Concise and Summary on every aspect of fundamental analysis: Press Conference, Monetary Statement, Minutes of Meeting, Fiscal and Monetary Policy News,  and Geopolitical News . Every News in on your hand, search capability is the best and beyond your imagination.

  • Real time and summarize press conference from President of the country about geopolitical event.
  • Real time summarize the release of central bank monetary statement, minutes of meeting and press conference.
  • Summary the release of economic projection, inflation report, rate statement.
  • Search news on other Financial Market : Stock, Bond, Commodity, Forex,  Property, Hedge Fund, etc.
  • Get real time and the latest news on Geopolitical, Financial market in any country.

Equity Indices & Benchmark Indices Analysis

Getting know world movement of  the stock market in the world whether up or down it is could reflected fundamental of the country that many investor believe performance of stock indices can impact of the currency as well

  • Real time update movement .
  • Get updated with major and top benchmark indices; Americas, Europe, Asia.
  • Select of main and sector indices.

Currency Forecasting Analysis

Forecasting in the long term movement on currency pair from many well-known contributor data around the world. 

  • Forecast popular currency pair with range of period one month up to two year.
  • Forecast statistics with median, smart estimate, mean, min/max and standard deviation.
  • Detail of contributor and show up their detail forecast

Dozen Ways To Analysis Fundamental Financial Market

You Will Amaze How Professional Financial Market Trader Doing Their Fundamental Analysis
Social Media Monitoring

Getting know lastest trending topic on financial industry in social media monitoring.  View

Real Time Charting

Real time charting  technical analysis for financial market Industry (Forex, Stock, Bond, Money Market, Commodity, etc) 

Commodity and energy segment

Stay update from top news on section energy, commodity & world overview           

Country Analysis

Understand fiscal and monetary policy, historical, geopolitical,  demographic, etc by each Country.        View

Forex Volume Heatmap

Analyze the strength of major currency relative to others and overview of forex market..         View

Video and Live Training

Learn to use of the program from basic through expert using the video and live training on various financial market segment .        View

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